Townlands 2

Following on from the success of Townlands I, Phase 2 of the project was able to proceed with the support of the Kilkenny Heritage Forum, the Heritage Office of Kilkenny County Council and the Heritage Council. This support has been and is proving invaluable to the successful realisation of the process phase. The Arts Office of Kilkenny County Council also supported this project phase.

This phase of the project  involved the following activities and outputs during 2010.

Phase 2. Activities and Outputs:

  • The recording of field-names and local histories
  • The creation of a field-name log, the field names’ relevant map location and their GPS record.
  • The creation of an audio archive of landscape lore from local historians and others. CD of edited oral history recordings now available through the local library system
  • The creation of a photographic archive incorporating portraits of contributors and images of them in their home place, at work on the farm etc. Images will soon be available to view online

  • Collaboration with Johnswell National School in the gathering of local field names and the development of a performance facilitated by Barnstorm Theatre Company.
    This “play” was devised over three weeks and performed on St John’s Day, 24 June 2010, traditionally bonefire night during the old Johnswell Pattern
  • The creation of the Townlands 2 Exhibition in Johnswell Hall during Heritage Week, 22-29 August2010. The exhibition comprised images and objects created or gathered during the field research accompanied by a soundscape of associated interviews.

  • The organisation and presentation of a seminar with schedule of five speakers on the value of place and the guardianship of landscape. This public conversation with the theme of “The Landscapes of Home” took place in Johnswell Hall, 28 August 2010
  • The development of a Field Name Research Handbook for use as a template by other community and local history groups within the county and further afield.
  • Edited versions of field recordings prepared for broadcast on local radio.