A Field Name Research Handbook

In June 2011, with the generous support of Kilkenny Leader Partnership, this Field Name Research Handbook was finally published. The need for such a handbook became clear during our own field name research in the Townlands Project. Many lessons were learned in the course of our research and much assistance received from experts “in the field” and other field name research groups throughout the country.

There are fortunately many groups already engaged in field name research. There is also, unfortunately, a wide divergence of practice. For those who are interested in establishing their own research groups in their own locality it is hoped that this publication will prove helpful and that it will contribute to the development of  consistent research and archival processes on a national basis.

The handbook is a distillation of our own experience and of the advice and insights of others. Background information to the development of the handbook can be read in the introduction to the publication itself.

Click here to download A Field Name Research Handbook